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2 Dogs Trust is an informal initiative bringing together impressive grass roots community initiatives in Rwanda and Chad and people with a heart to contribute to their amazing work.

Both individuals and groups, together we have been able to:

  • Provide 3 mosquito machines for dormitories, a sound system, and half the cost of a TV for the kids at Les Enfants de Dieu centre for former street kids. We brought in a walker and special boots for a child afflicted with hydrocephalus, and umpteen games, T-shirts and pairs of pants for the boys. We have converted the wood burning kitchen at the centre to gas, funded the 2018 Christmas Reunion and provided start up funds for Alumni small business ideas, including goat, chicken and pig rearing projects and an electronics repair shop. Together we loaned the funds to purchase acrylic paints, brushes, canvas and frames to start the Art Club for EDD Alumni, and provided 20 specially designed Jumpstart empowerment t-shirts to the Alumni Network.
  • We have paid half a year’s rent and overheads for HDVC (Help for Self help for Diabled and Vulnerable Children) , and provided teachers for 2 sewing courses for the mamas and three sewing machines and plenty of tailoring materials. We started up a pre-school class for 9 disabled young children. And bought three bicycles and three solar powered charger/torches for young adults. We have bought a bed and mattress so a grandmonther no longer has to sleep with her learning disabled adult grandson.  We contributed to the extensive materials required for two girls going to government boarding schools, and paid school fees for two other young people.
  • We have contributed start up monies, practical support and consultancy to the Green Acre Circle Community Farm in Chad (see photo of Mr Adolphe surrounded by Makuna which is a kind of green fertilizer).
  • Most recently, food supplies were made available during Covid lockdown for 10 families for several weeks and we rented the land to start the HDVC Community Garden (allotment project).  By no means exhaustive (there have been umpteen other gifts and donations directly and indirectly, in money and in kind), this list nonetheless gives an idea of the variety of contributions we have been able to make collectively.
  • Thank you so much everyone!


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